Best Acoustic Soundproofing Foam Panels
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Best Acoustic Soundproofing Foam Panels


Importance of customised acoustic panels.

Customized acoustic panels play a crucial role in creating optimal sound environments and enhancing the overall acoustic experience. Read More

Extint Decor: Revolutionizing Acoustic Solutions with Customized Velvet Foam Panels

When it comes to acoustic treatments and soundproofing, Extint Decor stands out as a leading company in India and beyond, renowned for their expertise in manufacturing customized Velvet foam panels. Read More

Importance if acoustic treatment for home theaters.

Acoustic treatment enhances sound quality in a room by reducing unwanted reflections and echoes.

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How can you evaluate if your room needs acoustic treatment?

Determining if your room needs acoustic treatment involves assessing its sound characteristics. Several signs indicate the need for acoustic treatment:

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